Competence in heat treatment

Future and Technology

Our web based control system connects you Independent from your workspace or production

Everything under your control

Control systems are often complicated to install and computer dependent. Not with us. The O-C-S-S technology only needs a simple web browser to operate your production.


We replace your control system from S5 to S7, take care of your controller, mixing batteries, security technology and update your production with state of the art technology.

Open Control

Our technology provides you with an open control software. This allows individual and efficient use for your plant. 


O-C-S-S is a small and flexible team which consists out of 3 engineers and a one PhD physicist. We are working globally from our headquarter in Neukrichen-Vluyn. For our customers we are developing software, control systems as well as electronic hardware for the head treatment and modernization of your plant. Our core business is our innovative web based control and automation system which is constantly developed since we found the company in 2004. 


Since the foundation we deliver various control systems, full automated plants and controls for new and updated heat treatment plants around the world. Here is an overview of of our projects.

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