Plant Modernization

Outdated systems and control systems as well as measuring systems often no longer meet today’s demands on the market and the procurement of spare parts is more difficult or even impossibl. Often, the usability and support issues arise because operators and service personnel are unfamiliar with the outdated equipment and lack support.

Resource-saving and energy-efficent hardware and software can be a solution. O-C-S-S modernizes your system and brings your system up to date, either in party or completely.

Control Systems

Often, the system hardware is still intact and through targeted modernization of the control systems or process software you achieve high energy efficiency and increase the reliability of your system. Our switchgear is built according to the latest machine guidelines and again only reliable and carefully selected hardware components are used. Perfect software and easy operation are a matter of course for our control systems

Control Systems

Perfect control technology is the basic requirement for increasing energy efficiency. Without intelligent software and hardware control systems, system deviations are compensated, and excess energy consumption is reduced. Clever planning algorithms prevent unnecessary heating and cooling of your systems. Of corse, safety controllers, as important components for the protection of your system, prevent damage and of course comply with the current state of the art. Renewal of the temperature and media controllers or programmers round off your control systems and make your systems fit for the future.

Media Conversions

Often, the media feeders of your systems are outdated and, in their way, no longer meet the safety requirements. By modernizing the media feeders (for example, a mixer tap), your systems meet the latest safety guidelines and people and machines are optimally protected.

Measuring and Analysis Systems

Decisive for the correct treatment of your products is an accurate recording of the plant atmospheres and plant temperatures. Old and inaccurate systems worsen the treatment and also often use too much energy and time are invested in the production process. With modernization of the measuring and analysis systems, the treatment can be optimized precisely and product-specifically. That also saves time, energy and money.

Energy Management

Rising energy costs are forcing entrepreneurs to make better use of energy and save resources. In order to be able to better distribute and manage existing energy, an optimal system for recording and controlling your production plant is required. With our energy management systems, they network the modules of your system and media and consumptions are precisely recorded. Through this system, we optimize the productivity of your plant, increase is efficiency and make the best possible use of energy resources The unique O-C-S-S web interface makes it easy to operate and capture this complex data. Even batch-related energy consumption is captured in no time and the export functions allow you to save the data, for example for calculations.

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