Web automation

Our concept

The consequences of rising employment costs in combination with quality improvement, quality assurance and uniformity of production often require automation of the heat treatment systems. Requirements, which are made for example by space travel and automobile industry, can be fulfilled only by extensive documentation and quality management. This development requires individually thought-out solutions

O-C-S-S web automation systems use sophisticated technology to increase productivity and quality while reducing production costs. In addition, there is a meaningful documentation which can be sent directly to the manufacturer. Our automations are nether manufacturer nor plant related and by modular design we combine different plant types and automation line.

As a customer, you benefit from this system, as the automatic line can be assembled according to your wishes and ideas, and in the case of extensions, you are not bound to a specific manufacturer

Your advantage through automation

The manual effort involved in the production of your batches is significantly reduced. This results in a cost reduction and a minimization of sources of error. Automating workflows also increase employee efficiency and motivation by reducing demotivating repetitive tasks.

Additional modules such as Teleservice (fault messages are sent via SMS or email, etc.), the system can be operated at night or on the weekends without personnel expenses and still be monitored. Wage supplements for night and weekend shifts are eliminated. Which leads to a significant reduction in your wage expenditure.

Construction and planning of plants

You profit in the compilation and selection of your modules by the freedom of choice of all components on the market. This means that you can put together your new system without any obligation from manufacturers and regulate our independent process control of the respective combinations.

Full flexibility in the design and the selection of the control system makes your automation more efficient and cost effective. By combining all the equipment in a web interface, the operation is uniform and extremely simplified. Your employees can familiarize themselves with the systems really quickly and there are no complex operating and action structures

All system information and current batches at a glance.
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