Automation Technology

Automation Technology

Well established Automation Technology are necessary for a profit orientated company in the heat treatment. Carefully chosen hardware and module based software are increasing the Efficiency of the plant and reduce maintenance cost. The O-C-S-S automation technology is know for being resource efficient and for an easy to operate Web interface.

Transport trolley control

The core of the automation line is often the transport facility with its hard and software. To ensure the availability of the transport facility and to minimize errors we focus our automation concept on these sensible parts of the facility.

When realigning and modernizing automation, e.g. All sensitive acquisition and control components have been replaced by new, market-leading components and integrated control software has been integrated. Optimized operation by means of plain text and graphic displays instruct the operator and the handling of such a machine is clear and easy to grasp with the joystick and control buttons. The optional expandability of the system is also particularly important to us in this context.

Variety of programs

The control of the existing system programs is often limited by simple controllers and timers. Our integrated programmer systems enable a multitude of program design options without major hardware expenditure.
For example, a simple 2-segment control can result in a complex multi-segment control, whereby the costs are enormous compared to the increase in efficiency.

Server- and communication media

By using Windows 2008 web server systems and selected hardware, we make your systems correspondingly secure and powerful. A second server with mirror function duplicates your data to the second and if necessary this backup server is immediately available as a master. It goes without saying that these systems are also buffered by a UPS power failure.

System integration

Personalized production processes guarantee optimal utilization, quality standards and customer satisfaction. Today, hardly any hardening shop can do without an ERP and PPS system, with which customer data, components or articles are entered into systems. By integrating these systems into our control and automation systems, access to all the necessary data and re-entry of customers is made available, articles and material data are thus unnecessary. Barcodes or data matrix scanners can also take over data using a scan function and operating errors are minimized.

The recorded data from the automation system can be reported back to the ERP and PPS systems and thus open up new ways of calculation, scheduling and pricing.

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