Web control system

Web control system

Our unique web-based control systems combine the latest internet technologies with conventional facility systems.

Outstanding communication with all well-known furnace and plant manufactures, as well as their process controls and regulations make us manufacturer independent.

By integrating ERP systems such as SAP, TTC and Microsoft Dynamics, your is consistently and sustainably documented.

To run our control system, you only need a web browser (preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer)


With Microsoft server operating systems and server hardware, our control systems provide reliable, robust and stable application environments.

Through the development of our web server applications and ultimately through the web technology, your systems achieve a very high degree of stability and very high availability.

If necessary, we equip our systems with another server which can take over the functions of the main server immediately if necessary.

The web-based control systems, which are unique on the market, also provide other advantages:

  • The number of client stations is unlimited, and there is no application to be installed on the client stations
  • The number of attachments on the server is unlimited
  • No special hardware is required for the client stations
  • Access from various networks is possible (Wifi, Intranet, Internet, VPN, UMTS, PDA)
  • Thanks to web servers, our applications can run on modern tablet computers such as Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, HP tablet
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