The batch archive offers you the opportunity to view the data of your orders in a chronological order. Batch data includes information about the individual process steps and after completion of the treatment, a photo of the corresponding batch is created and archived. Among other things, all archived and current batch data are saving an XML files. These simple files and structures do not require a separate specialist staff (IT administrator) to be archived, copied or simply moved. There is not database needed, but everything is based on „simple“ but signed data which cannot be changed.

Our archive is similar to the windows explorer tree structure and an archived batch is divided into:

  • Batch data (creation data, weight, photo, editor)
  • Order data of any number of orders ( order x: customer, article, material etc.)
  • Process data with individual process steps (driven program, process flow, faults, protocol)
  • Consumption data (electricity, gas quantities etc. Per Batch)

In addition, the archive contains a Google-like search algorithm.

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