Web Technology

Classic control systems are no longer able to meet the operational requirements. They are typically designed as stand-alone solutions with direct connection to the process and must be operated locally. The representation of processes and the connection to the processes are realized with proprietary techniques. Manufacture-specific software complicate the start-up and expansion of facilities Other operating stations are difficult or impossible to add. Unfortunately, integration into existing an existing network environment is not foreseen, blocking the expansion and dynamic growth of your production lines. With the increasing volume of data and the requirements of current QM systems, such as the CQI-9 Heat Treat Assessment, such solutions reach their performance limits.

Web Technology as a Solution Approach

For distributed control system solutions, it makes sense to use an infrastructure that is currently available in practically every business: the internet or the intranet:

We have taken advantage of the basic idea of the internet to distribute data and thus provide information about heat-producing production processes. The advantages of web Technology in particular are obvious:

  • Every computer user is capable of using a web browser
  • The number of client stations and their location is limitless
  • With Tablet-PC’s, smart phones or desktop-PC’s you can remotely control and monitor your facility. You just need internet access
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