Communication techniques

The aim of our communication techniques is the use of customary standard components. AT the center of our development is the nearly complete communication via Ethernet TCP/ IP. Ethernet networks have a high availability and network security, which speaks in favour of the use compared to conventional bus systems.

In addition, our sever systems use normal Ethernet communication hardware (network card), which eliminates the need for any installation of spate communication hardware and the installation of various drivers and third-patty software. Also, in control technology, we use more and more future-oriented Ethernet-based PROFINET (Process Field Network) bus systems. PROFIsafe complements our portfolio to communicate fail-safe data via Ethernet LAN and WLAN.

Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) also fits into our communication concept, it has proven itself as a reliable, robust, secure and powerful. WLAN also reduces maintenance costs, expensive cables and conductor rail installations. IWLAN is already standard in our automation systems.

Communication Interfaces

O-C-S-S software communicates with most of the controllers and regulators, programmers and other heat treatment equipment (e.g., scales cameras, testers, data recorders).

Standard communication interfaces are available for:

  • Simes Sinmatic S5 and S7 controls
  • Stange
  • Eurotherm
  • Mesa
  • Jumo
  • Process – Electronic PE
  • Demig
  • Web-Cameras
  • Siwarex Scales and other

IWLAN Anschluss

Wir setzten auf intelligent verknüpfte Sensorik aus dem Simatic-Spektrum, die über IWLAN und Profi net mit einer fehlersicheren Steuerung kommunizieren.


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